"My adventures through photography"



On the to first photos I wanted to show just how much the posture of the human body can “tell a story”. Here we have the same woman in to different poses.  One tells the viewer: “I’m a strong, independent woman with big self confidence” where the other posture tells the opposite. I’ve used the colors to make a “stop” effect for the viewer. 

The other two photos shows metallic makeup and beauty photography.   

Organic life style

Fashion photos of an organic clothing collocation


Life style
Fashion photos of an organic clothing collocation

Black and white


Colorful kids


For the family

“The older you get, the more you realize that it isn’t about the material things,
or pride or ego. It’s about our hearts and who they beat for” – J. Sterling

Remember the moment – it disappears so fast

Eating with the eyes first

"Eating with the eyes first"

I's all about the styling

In food photography

It's all in the detail

product photography


I gave myself the task of making a photograph entirely from things I found at my local secondhand store. The purpose was to make a “photo worth seeing” that could stand out and show these item in a modern new way, so they would sell better. 


"Architecture is a visual art and
the buildings speak for themselves"

– quote Julia Morgan


In architectural photography I always have focus on the history of the building and about the architects thoughts behind it.

It’s important to know the building so I can show it from the best view. There is always  a detail I have to put into my photos, so that a potential buyer can see what it’s like.