Today a big part of all sales is online, therefore it’s important for almost every business to have a website or at least to be visible on SoMe platforms.  

I can help businesses feeling less stressed and clarify their business direction in the online world. I want to come up with new and exciting ways, for maybe an out datet webpage or a dusty old Facebook site, as I have years experience on SoMe platforms and designing of websites. 

Webside: www.theflorines.com 

Webside: www.theflorines.com 


The contribution of information on every media and especially on digital media platforms is important in our digital society. The information must be interesting, informative and easy for the viewer/ reader to understand. 

Content is used almost everywhere today. It’s when we write an SMS, Email, SoMe update, blogs and most of all in advertising and sales.


As millions of customers everyday shops online on different platforms as, website, app market and SoMe platforms it’s difficult for new brands to stand out and to be seen. 

It’s important with the right research of the market within the content of the business, so it can stand out on the sales market.   

Webside: www.theflorines.com 

Webside: www.theflorines.com 


by using video or gif files, there may be other expressions on the website and a sense of movement. It can make the website, image, content, SoMe ect. more interesting for the viewer and the business can show information in another and more personal way.   

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